The 3 Ts: Interaction of Teachers, the Taught and Teaching materials

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Since February 1, 2019, EducArt, together with Teach For Bulgaria Foundation, has been working on the “3 Ts” project. In the framework of this project, a study of the training strategies for working with children with a mother tongue other than Bulgarian was conducted.The objective was to optimize language support for children during the classes. The duration of the project was six months.

Our Partner
Teach For Bulgaria works to ensure that every child has access to quality education – regardless of where they live, which school they go to, and what the financial ability of their  parents is. The organization recruits, trains and develops capable and motivated professionals with different backgrounds who are committed to work to improve the educational system in Bulgaria. They become teachers for a period of two years in Bulgarian schools, where pupils show lower scores than the average for the country. Beyond the two years the participants in Teach For Bulgaria’s program continue their professional development in different areas – many of them continue teaching at schools, others develop education policies and third become social entrepreneurs and create their own initiatives. The aim of the organization is that the participants in the program are long-term committed to the mission of quality education for every child in Bulgaria.

Teach For Bulgaria was initiated and financially supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation and is part of the Teach for All global network whose approach is successfully applied in 50 countries on six continents.