EducArt Logo


The EducArt International Association was created by socially active adherents working in the fields of education and art. The name of our organization EducArt combines the words education and art. We believe that they are the foundation of an intelligent, open and socially responsible society.

The ratio of content to form is a central issue in art because identical content can always be presented through different forms. The same applies to education: the same content can and should be presented in different forms for different target groups.

The main focus of EducArt’s work is the development and implementation of modern training methods and their creative use in the field of language learning for children with other mother tongues, as well as the education of pedagogues in this field.

EducArt also works towards:

  • transfering the achievements of science and culture to different spheres of society;
  • creating scientific and cultural products;
  • building international and cross-sectoral partnerships;
  • supporting social integration and the realization of personal potential through education and art;
  • developing active civic behavior and ecological awareness.

The main objectives of EducArt are:

  • to contribute to the modernization and improvement of education through good international practices;
  • to use scientific and cultural achievements to support children and young people, especially those from disadvantaged communities, the elderly, etc.;
  • to initiate innovative processes in the sphere of science, education and art;
  • to promote the development of active civic behavior, as well as environmental and cultural consciousness.

The International Association EducArt is a NPO, registered in Bulgaria with UIC № 205084851.