Japanese Kamishibai theater in pictures as a method for the development of language and narrative skills

Winter Fairytale Kamishibai

Since November 2018, EducArt has been working on Kamishibai theater for the development of language and narrative skills. Kamishibai is a Japanese theater in pictures (kami = paper, shibai = theater), known since the 12th century and recognized by UNESCO as part of Japanese national cultural heritage. It was rediscovered several decades ago in Europe and America and in recent years has been used as a method of developing children’s language skills. Our goal is to apply this successful method in Bulgaria as well. That is why we are developing a methodology for stories and tales to be told through Kamishibai, creating illustrations and didactic materials in Bulgarian, German, English and Russian. We currently perform in Bulgaria and Germany. We also plan training sessions for pedagogues who use this method, which is applicable to kindergartens, schools, events in children’s centers, etc.