FLUX3. exhibition by eslitza popova. september 1-15 2020. shipka 6. Sofia


Eslitza Popova – FLUX3 – dedicated to Matei Mitkaloto


September 1-15, 2020, Shipka6 Exhibition Center, Sofia

FLUX3 is made by a migrant stuck in Nisovo. It is the result of my walking in different directions on the globe, crossing bridges and roads, bumping on fences. The portraits in the exhibition are people met along the way, the videos are reflections and memories = the foundation of the journey. Some works come from encounters in literature, others from my reality. Technically, the exhibition consists of drawings, objects and video.

“Fence” is a consequence of my bike ride along the serpentine installation for strong protection of the southern border of Europe. The broad magnificence of the hilly landscape balances well the scope of our stupidity. The human made Fence is long, shiny and is not part of the landscape. It is another proof of helplessness. This fence stops no one, it just breaks the velvety shiny wings of carelessly passing butterflies.

All works in the show are united by the thought of outside and inside, ours and foreign. They ask the question WHY?

Eslitza Popova

May 2016 – September 2020, Southern Periphery of the EU