Do you understand the school? A project for development of teaching materials for additional language training of Bulgarian as a second language in primary schools

Project Do you understand the School?

20,000 pupils dropped out early in school year 2016/2017 in Bulgaria. Roma children are among the largest risk group. In 55% of Roma families, a language other than Bulgarian is spoken and many of the multilingual children begin to learn Bulgarian in kindergarten at the age of five. As a result, the Roma children are extremely disadvantaged when entering the school and the acquisition of Bulgarian must be further promoted. Mastering the Bulgarian language is a prerequisite for school success and the social integration of children. At present, Bulgaria lacks teaching materials for Bulgarian as a second language and for teaching integrated language training of multilingual children.

Together with our partner “Teach for Bulgaria” (ТFB), EducArt is planning the development of Bulgarian as a second language learning materials for primary school children. At the moment there is a fundraiser for collecting the necessary funds to realize the project “Do you understand the school?”. Support us with your donation at Global Giving!

EBRD (via its Community Initiative) has agreed in principle to support TFB’s efforts by matching all donations from private donors for this fundraiser, up to EUR 50,000.