After a successful fundraising campaign, the EducArt team began work on the “Do you speak the language of your school?” project?

Project Do you understand the School?

In mid-2019, together with our partner Teach For Bulgaria, we launched a fundraising campaign through the Global Giving platform to raise funds for the “Do you speak the language of your school?” project which aims to develop methodology and teaching materials to support in class elementary students with a mother tongue other than Bulgarian. More than 200 people participated in the campaign and raised over 52,000 euro in just six months. In addition to these individual donors, we have received support from various initiatives – Yavor Atanasov dedicated his Cycling for Better Quality Education in Bulgaria to the campaign cause and a charity fundraising event took place in London in December. The Bulgarian Leeds Students Society supported a donation campaign with a charity cookie bazaar in the fall. Finally the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London (through its “Community Initiative”), supported our efforts to improve education in Bulgaria by doubling all donations (up to 50,000 euro) for this campaign from private donors.

The EducArt team launched activities under the “Do you speak the language of your school?” project in February 2020.