A new spring fairy tale for Japanese theater in pictures Kamishibai

Spring Fairytale Kamishibai

EducArt introduced a new fairy tale about the spring deer Ben for Kamishibai theater. In the fairy tale, written by Anastasia Novikova with illustrations by the artist Eslitza Popova, the magical deer Ben awakens the nature.

This fairy tale is part of the project Japanese Kamishibai theater in pictures as a method for the development of language and narrative skills. The tale was performed by Vyara Michailova in Art Center NEO GEJA and in a children’s center Vessela Kaschturka Montеssori in Sofia, and also by Ani Kerezova in the Bulgarian partner school „Bulgarche“ in Heidelberg (Germany). As it is in Kamishibai theater, the children were not only spectators but also active narrators of the story. They had a lot of fun with the fairy tale and also learned a lot about the spring behaviour of animals and plants.