“A Curious Egg Tale” made for Kamishibai Story Theater

“A Curious Egg Tale” made for Kamishibai Story Theater

Easter story

In this fairytale, the kids accompany a cute egg on his adventure. Rolling around the world – from rural streets, across fields and meadows, across the river, through the forest and all the way to the rainbow, it meets other eggs, all unusual and unique because they come from different animals.

Through the story of the egg, children also receive useful information about wildlife, nature and its inhabitants.

The fairy tale is appropriate for the Easter holidays, but not only.

The author of the text is Pepa Kaneva-Vasileva, the illustrations are made by the artist Eslitza Popova. The didactic of the story is developed by Vyara Mihailova and Anastasia Novikova.

Appropriate for 3+ year-olds.

The set includes 13 color illustrations of A3 size and a didactic development of the text of the story.